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Hand-Washable Cleaning Mini Mop | Yazijico™

Hand-Washable Cleaning Mini Mop | Yazijico™

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Hand-Washable Cleaning Mini Mop | Yazijico™

Introducing the Yazijico™ Desktop Cleaning Mini Mop! With its unique design, this hands-free lazy sponge mop makes cleaning your desk or other surfaces a breeze. And with its portable, self-squeeze feature, you can easily clean on the go. Never worry about a dirty workspace again with our new hand-washable mini mop.

 Product category: Function mop

Mop type: rubber cotton mop
Expansion length: 25cm
Material of mop rod: plastic
Color: One pole (1 mop head), one pole (2 mop heads), one pole (3 mop heads), mop head (no pole)

Cleaning ,  Washing Tools  , Kitchen Organizing , Bathroom

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