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Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer | Yazijico™

Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer | Yazijico™

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Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer 

Introducing the Yazijico™ Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer - the ultimate fitness equipment for a full-body workout. Featuring a support trainer to assist with musculation, this multifunctional plank trainer helps you perfect your push-ups and improve overall strength. Build your muscles and master the plank with ease.

Unarmed plank support, joints are prone to pain and injury. Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer Comes with two soft, sweat-absorbing elbow pads to provide more stable support and safe movement, it also provides comfort for your arms.


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Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer | Yazijico™

  • Stable triangle structure and comfortable grip

TPE soft grip, comfortable foam grip, easy to grip, comfortable training, patented design, and contoured cushion give you personalized support by relieving joint pressure.

Counting design use button battery, model LR1130.

Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer | Yazijico™

  • Adjustable Angle

Contract your abdominal muscle through a full range of motion and keep your back from arching. Whole-body movement makes exercise more effective.

Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer | Yazijico™


Get into a prone position on the floor and support your weight with your toes and your forearms. Bend your arms and place them under your shoulders.

  • Hip height maintained, not over the shoulders.

  • Shoulders should over elbows.

  • The feet are separated by the same width as the shoulders.

Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer | Yazijico™

Keep your body straight at all times and in that position for as long as possible. To increase the difficulty, the arms or legs can be raised.

Fitness Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer | Yazijico™

If you want to increase the difficulty, you can lift a foot in the air, or lift a hand in the air.


  • Material: Sponge Soft Grip

  • Product size: About 20.5*12.6*6in/52*32*15cm

  • Net weight: About 1.43lb/0.65kg


  • Core strength training ≠ lumbar strength training, practice core strength is not to train the abs, but to allow you to better maintain the stability and balance of the body, so as to ensure the effectiveness and quality of your training in all cutting conditions.


  • 1 * Multifunctional Portable Plank Abdominal Muscle Trainer

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