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Cavity Electric Air Pressure Leg Waist Hand Massager | Yazijico™

Cavity Electric Air Pressure Leg Waist Hand Massager | Yazijico™

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Cavity Electric Air Pressure Leg Waist Hand Massager Varicose Vein

Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with the Cavity Electric Air Pressure Leg Waist Hand Massager by Yazijico™. This expertly designed massager delivers targeted air pressure therapy to your legs, waist, and hands, promoting increased circulation and soothing muscle tension. Unwind and revitalize with Yazijico™ today.

Material: ABS & TPR

Application: BODY

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Model Number: Cavity Air Wave Leg Massager

6 Air Cavity: Cavity Air Wave Leg Massager

Kneading Foot Leg Massage Instrument: Leg Massager

Electric: Air Wave Pressure Physiotherapy

Device For Muscles Relax: Air Pressure Automatic Cycle

Feature: Relieve muscle fatigue


Air Compression Massage Machine

- 360° Full Wrap
- Pneumatic Massage
- Three-dimensional circulation


1.Multi-part massage
Solve the discomfort of multiple parts of the body.
Legs / Waist / Arms

2.Pneumatic technology principle
According to the human body, six airbags are inflated by an independent airbox, and the massage is performed by the airbags one by one.

3.Simple operation
Convenient operation, easy to carry.
Pressure adjustment: 3-30kpa
Time adjustment: 0-30min
Handle design, easy to lift and carry.

4.Split sleeve
Multi-part massage experience for arms, waist, legs, etc.

5.Prevent deep vein thrombosis
Post-operative orthopedic surgery, major abdominal surgery, general surgery, poor blood circulation and other causes of thrombosis.

6.Relieve muscle fatigue
Sitting or standing for a long time, heavy physical labor and special work, etc., cause muscle aches and pains.

7. Can be used to remove edema
Treating various chronic diseases caused by limb edema.

8. Auxiliary treatment of muscle atrophy
Muscle atrophy caused by prolonged bed rest, lack of exercise and so on.

9.Advanced air pump technology
Replacement piston compressor is anti-interference and stable, allowing you to enjoy massage quietly.

10.Adjustable pressure
Adjust the sleeve pressure to a comfortable strength according to your body shape.

11.Thickened TPU material
Durable and good abrasion resistance.

How to use

1. First unscrew the screws under the air pump.
2. Connect the main unit to the power supply.
3. Connect the air tube to the host.
4.Wear the product. (arm sleeve, leg sleeve, waist sleeve)
5. Adjust the air pump pressure and use time.
6.Fold and store away after use.


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