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Air Wave Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Machine | Yazijico™

Air Wave Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Machine | Yazijico™

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Air Wave Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Machine Profesional 

Experience the ultimate lymphatic drainage with our Air Wave Pressotherapy Machine by Yazijico™. The scientifically-proven air wave technology stimulates and renews your lymphatic system, promoting circulation and flushing out toxins. Relax and rejuvenate with this professional-grade machine.

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Application: BODY

Material: Non-woven

Model Number: D0500


Biological treatment with infrared may be divided into radiant infrared and non-radiant infrared. The wavelength of radiant infrared is between 350nm and 4μm or between 760nm and 4μm, which is called short wave infrared while the wavelength of non-radiant infrared is between 700nm and 15μm, called long wave infrared whose radiant power differs from 50W to 60W, the maximummay reach 1500W. Biological far infrared ray has the function of radiation and infiltration, can infiltrate 3cm-10cm to subcutaneous tissue, has the effect of medium calefaction on muscle, skeleton and viscera, so has medium-roasted effect, and then it may accelerate blood cycle, revive cell, supple nutrition and cause metabolism. It shows good performance on losing weight, diminishing inflammation, relieving pain, kill bacterium, dissipating gore and curing wound etc.

Infrared biological reaction:

(1)Improving local blood cycle

(2)Enhancing physiological oxidation

(3)Promoting the absorption of local exudation

(4)Reviving physiological function and use

(5) Promoting sweating and to decompose and discharge the fat in sebum

(6) Increasing the extension of collagen organization, reducing the muscle’s disparity force

(7) Give physiotherapy to intramuscular and nerval disease

(8) Restraining the development of cancer cell

(9) Effect of easing pain

(10) Strengthening vigor

(11) Strengthening immunity and reviving regenerative function

(12) Strengthening metabolism and the activeness of enzyme

(13) Effect of eliminating inflammation

(14) Physiotherapy

The slimming process:

combustion and decompose of fat → volume reduced → cell organism arranges in order and close again→the density of organism increasing → layman size decreasing



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