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Auto Face Tracking Tripod 360 Degrees Rotation | Yazijico™

Auto Face Tracking Tripod 360 Degrees Rotation | Yazijico™

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Auto Face Tracking Tripod 360 Degrees Rotation

Expertly capture seamless and hands-free content for your Tiktok videos with Yazijico™ Auto Face Tracking Tripod. This cutting-edge gimbal stabilizer features 360 degrees rotation and gesture control, allowing for smooth and precise tracking of your movements. Say goodbye to shaky footage and hello to professional-quality content.

Product Features

  • [Lens tracking]360° face tracking and shooting, circling and rotating shooting

  • [Intelligent recognition] Gesture recognition, intelligent control, fast and convenient

  • [Rotating folding] Telescopic folding, horizontal and vertical shooting, can be rotated and folded, support 360° rotation, shooting more diverse

  • [Quick disassembly] The separation design is convenient for daily use of the mobile phone (please rotate the mobile phone to portrait screen before disassembly), the chassis can be easily disassembled and portable

  • [Remote control] with remote control remote shooting, remote control shooting within 10 meters


Support phone size: 65-95mm

The best distance to use: 1-3 meters

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Vertical rotation Angle: 360°

Horizontal rotation Angle: 180°


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