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Fruit Banana Slicer Vegetable Sausage Slicer | Yazijico™

Fruit Banana Slicer Vegetable Sausage Slicer | Yazijico™

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Fruit Banana Slicer Vegetable Sausage Slicer 

Effortlessly slice and dice your fruits, vegetables, and sausages with the Yazijico™ Banana Slicer. Made with durable stainless steel, this kitchen essential is perfect for creating perfectly sliced bananas for salads and sundaes. Cut down on prep time and create beautiful presentations with ease.

Brand new and high quality.
Cut banana into even pieces.
Perfect for fruit salad,baking and more.
Made of high quality plastic and steel.
You needn't spend much time as before slicing with a knife.
This slicer will do the job for you very fast.
It can slice an entire banana in just seconds, making perfectly even slices.
Great for fruit salads, decorative desserts and making dehydrated banana chips.

Product Name: Banana Slicer
Specification: length 17*width 5*height 3.7cm
Material quality: 304 stainless steel blade + PP plastic
Weight: Net weight 59g


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