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Storage Box Fruit Vegetable Container Fresh | Yazijico™

Storage Box Fruit Vegetable Container Fresh | Yazijico™

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Creative Kitchen Storage Box Fruit Vegetable Container Fresh Box Avocado 

Maximize the freshness of your favorite fruits and veggies with our Creative Kitchen Storage Box. Keep them organized and easily accessible in this Fresh-Keeping Crisper. Say goodbye to spoiled produce and hello to longer-lasting, delicious meals. A must-have kitchen gadget for any home cook.


1. Fresh Stretch Avocado Pod for storing avocado halves in the refrigerator and keep them fresh, firm, and odor-free for longer periods of time.

2. Made from quality plastic and silicone; strong, durable, economical; reduces food waste, saves money; keeps fridge cleaner; compact for easy storage.

3. Stores cut lemons safely in the fridge; preserves freshness, slows down oxidation, and prevents the delicate fruit from being squashed.

4. Organize and identify lemons easily in a crowded fridge; place cut-side down on pod base, stretch cover over and slide to close; slide to reopen.

5. Great for other produce; reusable; minimize plastic or foil use; perfect for sustainable living and zero waste homes; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


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