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Camping Fan Light with Remote Control | Yazijico™

Camping Fan Light with Remote Control | Yazijico™

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Camping Fan Light with Remote Control 

Experience ultimate convenience with Yazijico™ Camping Fan Light. This essential outdoor accessory includes a remote control, 5200mAh battery bank, and powerful LED light for fishing or camping. Stay cool and illuminated without the hassle of cords or outlets.

Fan with Light:

The perfect combination of camping fan and LED lantern. So you don't have to forget the necessary equipment for camping.

The user-friendly design of 2 placement methods allows you to have a more comfortable journey.

3 Speed Settings:

The portable fan has 3 adjustable wind speeds,maximum wind speed of up to 10 feet per second.

3 Brightness Settings :

This camping fan has 3 kinds of light brightness(30%, 70%, 100%) ,it's convenience and safety in outdoor camping and tents.

IR Remote :

You can control the wind speed and brightness of the fan as you like without moving your body.

You can prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night because of the cold with the timer function


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