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Plush Cat Bed with Tunnel for Indoor Cats | Yazijico™

Plush Cat Bed with Tunnel for Indoor Cats | Yazijico™

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Plush Cat Bed with Tunnel for Indoor Cats

Introducing the Yazijico™ Plush Cat Bed with Tunnel. Our multifunctional cat bed features a cozy donut design with a peephole for curious cats and a soft, plush tunnel for play and rest. Perfect for indoor cats, this bed provides comfort and entertainment in one. Get yours today!

Product Description
PLUSH CAT BED WITH TUNNEL: Our plush cat/dog bed tunnel is designed to provide a cozy and warm space for your furry friend to relax and sleep in. The plush material makes it soft and comfortable, ensuring a peaceful nap time for your pet.
A DIAMTER OF 31.5 INCH (95CM): The big tube design of the tunnel bed provides plenty of space for your pet to play and explore. It serves as a mini playground, allowing your cat, kitten, puppy, rabbit, or ferret to satisfy their instincts and have fun.
MUTI-USE: This creative cat tunnel bed meets every fun imagination of cats. They can enjoy unlimited exploration with curiosity while running in the tunnel, or enjoy the surrounded bed on the top. With buckle, it can be set for a semicircle-shape cat tunnel, S-shape cat tunnel, or round cat bed tunnel.
REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE CUSHION BED: The washable cushion allows for easy cleaning, keeping the tunnel bed fresh and hygienic for your pet. Simply remove the cushion and toss it in the washing machine for a quick and convenient cleanup.
EASY TO STORE: This creative doughnut-shaped cat tunnel bed can be easily folded and stored when not in use, saving space in your home. It is also portable, making it convenient to bring along for travel or outdoor adventures.
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