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Cat Toy Sisal Scratching Ball Training Interactive Toy| Yazijico™

Cat Toy Sisal Scratching Ball Training Interactive Toy| Yazijico™

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Cat Toy Sisal Scratching Ball Training Interactive Toy

Enhance your cat's playtime with the 1Pc Cat Toy Sisal Scratching Ball by Yazijico™. Made with durable sisal material, this interactive toy provides a fun and effective way to train your kitten while satisfying their natural need to scratch. The added feather toy will keep your feline friend entertained for hours.

Type: Sisal Rope Ball
Material: Sisal
Color: by Random
Quantity: 1 PC
Features: Sisal Rope, Woven Ball, Cat Toy
Size: Diameter: 6.5cm

1 .Designed specifically for sisal cat toys, cat pass the time at home lonely boring, tasteless quality sisal material security, protection cat health.
2.Toys can also act as cat scratch board, in line with catch cat love nature, to avoid the cat scratched furniture and Layers, exercise cats paw, cat promote healthy growth
3.Cats often clawed furniture or sofa, indicating that it has claws grinding needs, this is the cat's nature; and you should be allowed to give cats suitable alternative to meet this need, use or cat scratch cat scratch board is a good column way.
4.Use the natural sisal toys cat scratching as materials, natural non-allergic, look cute,three-dimensional sense, the most able to attract the attention of cats,the cat will be home in a good playmate.
5. Can exercise pet's sensitivity during playing with it.

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