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Durable Grout Gap Cleaning Brush | Yazijico™

Durable Grout Gap Cleaning Brush | Yazijico™

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Durable Grout Gap Cleaning Brush 

Effortlessly clean grout gaps, tile joints, and dead angles with Yazijico™'s Durable Grout Gap Cleaning Brush. The hard bristles effectively remove dirt and grime, leaving your kitchen, toilet, and shower floors sparkling clean. Choose from a pack of 6 or 3 brushes for maximum coverage.

Flexible and durable, narrowly brushed it to make it easy to brush to a gap that it cannot be brushed
Nylon bristles, durable and not easy to deform
Can effectively brush off stubborn mold, dirt, garbage, soap dandruff or oil
Designed for high -efficiency and cleaning of tile gaps and narrow corners

Material: alloy+plastic PP+nylon PA
Color: white/black bristles
Size: about 24cm in length, 2cm wide
Quantity: 1/2
Package contains: 1/2*Clean brush

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