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Cleaning Brush Soft Bristled Liquid | Yazijico™

Cleaning Brush Soft Bristled Liquid | Yazijico™

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Cleaning Brush Soft Bristled Liquid 

Expertly clean any surface with Yazijico™ Cleaning Brush. Its soft bristles and liquid solution effortlessly remove dirt and stains, ensuring a spotless and hygienic result. With a professional and scientific approach, achieve a thorough clean every time.


Multifunctional Soft-Bristled Shoe Brush Shoe Brushes Long Handle Brush Automatic Filling Clothes Cleaing Clothing Board Tools

Product name: Multifunctional shoe brush

Material: PP

Color: White, green

Features: Soft brush does not hurt clothing; strong seal does not leak; built-in liquid outlet hole

Size: 17x6x4.5cm



100% brand new and high quality.

--Quick foaming, easier cleaning.Multifunctional cleaning brush with liquid, it is really convenient to wash clothes, brush shoes, wash dishes, and clean!

--Easy to store.The cleaning brush comes with a silicone cord and is very easy to store. Please dry completely after use. Do not leave in water for a long time. Please do not put it in the dishwasher.

--Scrub brush boasts extra-tough fibers and Bushy for easy scrubbing of large areas. it can produce rich foam,Efficiently clean hard-to-clean dirt around your bathroom or can be used on fasttile walls, carpet, floor and so on, Make your cleaning easy .

--The ergonomically shaped long handle makes it easy to apply pressure as you scrub without straining your body. The rounded arc handle design keeps the hand feeling comfortable for a long time.,Can be cleaned more effortlessly.

--The two-color stitching design makes your home look more fashionable and beautiful. The gray bristles are firmly attached to the brush head. After continuous use, the durable bristles will stand up. You may be able to use these two small brushes for several years. You deserve to have them. Let them be your little helper in your home.


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