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Collodion Mop Foldable Water Free Hand Washing | Yazijico™

Collodion Mop Foldable Water Free Hand Washing | Yazijico™

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Collodion Mop Foldable Water Free Hand Washing

The Collodion Mop is a revolutionary cleaning tool that helps you save time and effort. With its foldable design, water-free hand washing feature, and replaceable cotton head, this mop makes household cleaning a breeze. Its wringer mopping system is perfect for all types of surfaces, including tiles and wood. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Collodion Mop from Yazijico™.

【Hand Wash Free Design】This sponge mop has a simple and practical design, it is easy to squeeze the sponge head by pulling and lifting the manual lever. No need to touch the dirty mop head, you can easily squeeze the excess water out of the sponge. This self squeeze mop is suitable for daily household cleaning tasks, and it is a good helper for you to clean the living room, kitchen and bathroom!

【2 PCS Super Absorbent Sponges】This sponge mop is equipped with 2 super absorbent sponge heads, which are super absorbent, and the water absorption rate of the sponge mop is several times that of a cloth mop, which effectively collects stains and hairs on the ground, helping you to clean better. The sponge has good air permeability and avoids the unpleasant odor caused by the long-term dampness of the sponge. The rebound is fast,it will return to its original state soon.

【Suitable for Deep Floor Cleaning】-The surface of the sponge head has grooves, which is suitable for deep cleaning of the floor. When the sponge head is dragged on the ground, it is very easy to collect fine fluff, hair and dust particles. You can freely adjust the mopping posture so that the mop head fully touches the ground. Don't worry about your family slipping due to excessive water stains and keep your floors fresh and tidy!

【Suitable for Most Scenarios】You can use this mop to clean smooth hard floors, tiles, laminates, marble, hardwood floors, etc. Sufficient for most cleaning tasks, it is an essential tool for household daily cleaning work.


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