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Storage Bag Cosmetic Case with Mirror | Yazijico™

Storage Bag Cosmetic Case with Mirror | Yazijico™

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Smart LED Cosmetic Case with Mirror Cosmetic Bag Travel Makeup Bags 


This durable storage bag and cosmetic case features a built-in mirror for on-the-go touchups. With ample space for all your essential beauty products, it will keep you organized and efficient. Perfect for travel and everyday use. Make staying beautiful a breeze with Yazijico™.

Size of cosmetic bag: 26x23x11cm/10.24x9.06x4.33in

Mirror size: 23.5x20.5cm/9.25x8.07in

Size of cosmetic brush bag: 24x20.5cm/9.45x8.07in


Smart LED Cosmetic Case with Mirror Travel Makeup Bags Portable Large Capacity Fashion Simple PU Leather for Weekend Vacation

1. LED light cosmetic bag: different from ordinary cosmetc bag,this cosmetic bag is equipped with LED cosmetic mirror,76 lamp beads,which can illuminate your face 360 degrees. The light source includes natural light source,cold light source and warm light source. The light state can be adjusted at any time according to your preferences and different occasions. Make makeup clearer,more convenient,and show the perfect you. You can make up anytime and anywhere without worrying about the lack of light source.
2. Ultra-strong battery life: USB charging,charger,power bank,computer,etc. The 2000mA battery has a battery life of about 8 hours,which is convenient for makeup and is not limited by location.
3. Perfect configuration: This cosmetic bag is not only equipped with high-definition LED cosmetic mirror,but also a cosmetic brush bag to store your cosmetic brush. There is a strap on the back of the bag that can be put on the trunk,which is more convenient. It does not need to occupy the space of the trunk and can also free hands. There are carrying belts and shoulder belts,which can be carried or shouldered to meet your various needs.
4. Large capacity: The cosmetic bag is separated by different partitions,which are designed to be assembled freely. It can store cosmetics in different categories,and the capacity can fully meet the daily needs and travel needs. You can kill two birds with one stone without buying a mirror.
5. The best gift: This LED light cosmetic bag can be taken out at home or travel,suitable for various occasions. It is the best gift for friends,lovers and family.

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