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Cotton Candy Maker Machine Household | Yazijico™

Cotton Candy Maker Machine Household | Yazijico™

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Children Cotton Candy Maker Machine Household Mini Electric Cotton Candy Maker Girl Boy Gift Diy Sweet Candy Machine


Create delicious, fluffy treats with the Cotton Candy Maker Machine by Yazijico™. This household device effortlessly spins sugar into cotton candy, perfect for parties or a sweet snack. With easy-to-use features and high-quality design, you can make cotton candy at home with confidence and precision.

Blade Size: Cotton Candy Maker machine

Material: Plastic

Model Number: Electric Cotton Candy Maker

Style: Vertical

feature 1: Christmas day,Hallowmas day Gift

feature 2: cotton candy maker

feature 3: cotton candy machine

feature 4: food processor

feature 5: Marshmallow Machine

feature 6: Cotton Sugar Floss Machine


1. Environmentally friendly and healthy materials, such as splash guards, trays and sugar bins, are made of safe food-grade materials, which can directly contact food. The high-power copper core motor is stable and durable, and has a long service life.

2. Convenient operation, just add sugar or granulated sugar to the machine, after heating, the silk can be wound into marshmallows

3. The use of porcelain hair heat pipe, better thermal conductivity, more stable temperature, can be used continuously

4. The splash guard and sugar bin are reasonably designed, which can put in the required amount of sugar, and the sugar will not come out during the use of the machine

5. Easy to disassemble and clean

QA summary:

Question 1: Why is sugar everywhere?

Answer: If you are worried about the sugar splashing in other places, it is recommended that you operate the machine in an open area when using the machine

Question 2: Why doesn't the sugar melt?

Answer: Preheat the machine for 3-5 minutes, because the sugar will melt faster only if the machine is hot enough

Question 3: How is the machine cleaned?

Answer: Take off the splash guard and the sugar bin, soak it in hot water, the sugar melts, wipe it with a rag

Question 4: Why is there so much sugar sticking to both sides?

Answer: The machine can heat up a bit more

If you have other questions, please contact customer service first, we will reply you as soon as possible

Product parameters:

Power supply mode: 220V EU plug/110V US plug

Rated power: 450W

Material: PP+PC+motor+stainless steel

Product size: 26*26*18cm

Color: pink, blue, white


1. First install the splash guard and sugar bin

2. Start idling, warm up the machine for 3-5 minutes

3. Then turn it off and add white sugar, or colored sugar or rock sugar.

4. Turn on the machine again and wait for the silk to be drawn out. You can fold the top of the bamboo stick before winding the silk, so that it is more convenient to wind the silk

5. At the beginning, you can roll the silk vertically inside the splash guard, and then roll the silk horizontally above the sugar bin, the marshmallows will become larger and larger.

6. Remember to clean in time after use, remove the splash cover and sugar bin, soak it in hot water, and wipe it with a rag


1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3mm, thank you

2. Due to the difference between different monitors, please understand that the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item

Product List:

1*cotton candy machine, 10*bamboo sticks, 1*sugar spoon, 1*instruction

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Cotton Candy Maker Machine Household Mini Electric Cotton Candy Maker Cotton Candy Maker Machine Household Mini Electric Cotton Candy Maker Cotton Candy Maker Machine Household Mini Electric Cotton Candy Maker



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