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Bluetooth Digital Writing Pad | Yazijico™

Bluetooth Digital Writing Pad | Yazijico™

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Bluetooth Digital Writing Pad

The Yazijico™ Bluetooth Digital Writing Pad combines the convenience of a traditional notepad with the advanced technology of a graphics painting tablet. Its A5 size and compatibility with ios/Android make it perfect for note-taking and artwork on the go. With cloud storage, you can access your creations from anywhere.

By applying an advanced handwriting recognition engine, the it can intelligently distinguish between words in multiple languages(Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Dutch,and Portuguese) and images and separate the doodles from the words.

Support offline handwriting! Even when you are disconnected from the Internet, it stores up to 50pages of offline notes, allowing you to easily record your inspirations whenever and wherever you are,Connect mobile phone and other devices again, automatic synchronization cloud!

Open the "Rowrite"app and import offline data like sketches for backup.

Support sharing facebook and other social software!

it is compatible with general A5 size note, allowing you write and realize data transmission with ordinary paper that can be easily replaced at any time, helping you write, record, and create quickly and conveniently.

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