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Elderly Bedridden Waterproof Pad Turn Over Transfer | Yazijico™

Elderly Bedridden Waterproof Pad Turn Over Transfer | Yazijico™

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Disabled Patient Bed Nursing Shift Pad Transport Carrying Mobile Belt Elderly Bedridden 

Designed for elderly individuals who require bedridden care, the Elderly Bedridden Waterproof Pad Turn Over Transfer by Yazijico™ allows for easy turning and transferring. Its waterproof design keeps the bed dry while the individual remains comfortable. Durable and practical, it provides efficient and hygienic care for both the caregiver and patient.

FEATURE 1: Patient Positioning Sheet

FEATURE 2: Household Soft Stretcher Transfer Board Positioning Bed Pad

FEATURE 3: Foldable Stretcher for Disability Aids Paralyzed Turning Lifting

1.This positioning bed sheet is designed to make turning, transferring and re-positioning your loved ones easier, help save your effort and protect your patients from accidents.
2.Multifunctional Transfer Belt---Turn over, stand up, shift, lift legs, urinate
3.Made of top-quality material, heavy-duty, durable, comfortable and lightweight.
4.Portable: Foldable, easy to be rolled up and stored, takes up very little space, convenient to carry.
5.Provide a dry sleeping environment for the elderly who are bedridden and have urinary incontinence for a long time. Prevent mattress from getting wet
6.It can be easily operated by one person, taking advantage of the safety of the elderly and saving time and effort for the nursing staff.
7.For people:Long-term bedridden elderly, stroke and hemiplegic people, postoperative bedridden patients, rehabilitation treatment people.etc.




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