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Disposable Food Cover Saver Dust | Yazijico™

Disposable Food Cover Saver Dust | Yazijico™

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Disposable Food Cover Saver Dust

A practical solution for keeping food fresh and protected, Yazijico™ Disposable Food Covers are made with durable, food-grade plastic and come in a variety of sizes to fit all types of dishes. The elastic design ensures a snug fit, while the dust cover keeps your food free from contamination. Perfect for any food storage or transport needs.

This is not only a food-grade disposable plastic wrap, but it can also be used as a disposable shoe cover to wrap your shoes when traveling or when you don't want to step on the dirty floor, and can also be used as a disposable head cover when cooking or taking a shower. Versatile and affordable. Allows you to spend the price of one item and get the functionality of three items.


2.This product has 4 lengths, which are 38cm,52cm, 70cm, and 120cm after stretching. Please choose the correct specification to place an order.All dimensions are the length directly stretched before unfolding the film. 38cm is suitable for ordinary household dishes. 52cm、70cm、120cm can be used for baking pans of different sizes, or for storing large household elevators. In order to keep the household appliances clean and tidy.

3.Manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error, but it will not affect the use. Thank you for your understanding

4.Dropshipping is highly welcomed,No invoice or promotional materials included.

5.You are more than welcome to buy a little more at a time, so you can reduce the waiting time for another purchase, or you can share a useful product with family or friends.


1.【Bigger and Thicker】It is the only product on the market that has different lengths and can meet different needs of dishes.The upgraded product is bigger and thicker. It is equipped with four sizes of plastic wrap covers: 38cm, 52cm、70cm, 120cm, which can cover dishes and basins of different sizes.2. [Safety and Health] Made of high-quality food-grade HDPE/LDPE materials, it is non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and safe, and can be safely used in food masks. Waterproof, effectively prevent food from getting wet.

2.【Proper Wrapping】Each carefully crafted clear food cover has an elastic band with proper curvature around the edge, which can wrap the plate without being overly strained.

3. Multi functional 】 It is made of food grade materials, but it can not only be used to cover food and isolate dust in the air, but also effectively prevent food from smelling in the refrigerator. It can also be used as a headband, shoe cover, pet basin mat film, and so on.When traveling, you can use it to hold shoes or dirty clothes to keep the luggage clean and tidy. If you have a pet at home, you can also use it as a disposable pet pad film to quickly clean up pet litter.

4.【Flexible Design】Adjustable to fit various shapes and sizes (square, rectangle, round), cups, plates or other food containers.

5.【Convenient and quick】Complete food storage and preservation within 3 seconds.


1、Product Material:HDPE/LDPE


3、Length models: 38cm, 52cm, 70cm (actual 72cm), 120cm (actual 122cm)


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