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Disposable Toilet Brush With Cleaning Liquid | Yazijico™

Disposable Toilet Brush With Cleaning Liquid | Yazijico™

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Disposable Toilet Brush With Cleaning Liquid 

Experience effortless cleaning with the Yazijico™ Disposable Toilet Brush With Cleaning Liquid. The innovative design combines a high-quality brush with effective cleaning liquid, making it easier than ever to keep your toilet clean and sanitary. Say goodbye to traditional, messy toilet brushes and hello to a convenient and hygienic solution.

Product function introduction

Innovative brush head/with cleaning fluid/strong stain removal

Ready to use / groove cleaning / antibacterial and deodorizing

Non-stick hair / multi-purpose brush / thickened sponge

Waterproof / flip design / worry-free storage

One-click replacement, no touch required 

Press lightly to snap, push forward to removeReady to use,

Clean and hygienic, avoid dirty hands, more convenient and hygienic

Self-contained cleaning liquid, which dissolves in water and is more convenient to use

Rotary brush head, no missing corners 

Cleaning and disinfection synchronization, away from bacteria

Cleaning liquid layer, dissolves in water, decontamination and sterilization 

Scratch the cloth layer, stubborn stains can be cleaned with one brush 

Sponge layer, double cleaning, worry-free fine seams 

Open the storage box lid 

Push the button forward and aim at the sponge head

Release the button, the sponge head is installed


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