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Pet Food Measuring Spoon Cup | Yazijico™

Pet Food Measuring Spoon Cup | Yazijico™

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Pet Food Measuring Spoon Cat Measuring Cup for Kitten Large Dogs Bird Food Indoor

This Pet Food Measuring Spoon Cup by Yazijico™ is an essential tool for pet owners. The cup's accurate measurements make meal time for your pet hassle-free, saving you time and avoiding overfeeding. Made with high-quality, durable materials, this measuring spoon cup is a reliable and convenient choice for all pet owners.

【Premium Material】: The pet food measuring spoon is made of plastic, is wear resistant, safe, durable, stable, high quality, and can be used long time.
【Save Space】: The spoon with a magnet on the bottom and a hole on the rear can be put on any metal surface and put on any hook to save your kitchen space.
【Clear Scale】: The dog cat food scooper is clear scale design, solid and liquid can be easily measured. Push gear design to make control capacity convenient.
【Widely Used】: The handle is sturdy and easy to grasp, so you can easily handle dry, liquid, solid, and powdered food, pet food, milk powder, or milk.
【Adjustable Scale】: The spoon can be adjustable, which can meet your different needs in the home, so you don't need to buy many various sizes of spoons.


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