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Pet Steam Hair Brush Electric Spray Comb | Yazijico™

Pet Steam Hair Brush Electric Spray Comb | Yazijico™

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Pet Steam Hair Brush Electric Spray Comb Whale Shape

Experience a game-changing grooming tool with the Pet Steam Hair Brush Electric Spray Comb by Yazijico™. This powerful device combines steam and an electric comb to effortlessly detangle and smooth your pet's fur. Say goodbye to knots and static, and hello to a shiny and healthy coat.


Electric Cat Grooming Brush with Spray Pet Hair Removal Comb 3 In 1 Floating Hair Brush USB Charging for Tangled Loose Hair


1.Multi-purpose Grooming: Our steamy cat brush is a versatile pet brush that not only effortlessly removes stray cat hair but also provides a pleasurable massage experience. Your cat will enjoy the gentle brushing, reducing shedding issues while increasing bonding time with their owner.
2.Effective Steam Technology: This cat steamer brush utilizes unique steam technology that effectively loosens and removes dust and dirt buildup from your cat's fur. The steam is not only safe but also acts as a gentle cleanser, leaving your cat looking and feeling healthier. 
3.Enhanced Bonding and Comfort: After each grooming session, your dog or cat will look and feel their best, and they'll love the attention! Regular grooming with this cat shedding comb helps remove excess fur from your pet's undercoat, leaving your home cleaner and fur-free. You'll appreciate the cleanliness, and your pet will enjoy the intimate bonding time. 
4.Rechargeable and Convenient: The cat grooming brush is rechargeable, eliminating the need for batteries and ensuring continuous usage without interruptions. It's a convenient grooming tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, making it perfect for both at-home grooming sessions or while traveling with your pet. 
5.Safe and Gentle: The pet hair removal comb is designed with your pet's safety and comfort in mind. The bristles are soft and gentle on your cat's skin, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The comb's rounded tips prevent scratching or irritating your cat's skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive pets. 

Origin: Mainland China
Material: Plastic

Size: 12x6.5cm/4.72x2.55inch

Suitable For: Long-Haired/Short-Haired Cats And Dogs
Holds Leave-in Serum: 20 ml (without Serum)
Battery: 120 Mah


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