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Dog Training Collar ,Universal Dog Bark | Yazijico™

Dog Training Collar ,Universal Dog Bark | Yazijico™

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Dog Training Collar ,Universal Dog Bark

Improve your dog's behavior with Yazijico™ Training Collar. This waterproof, rechargeable collar uses shock and remote modes to effectively train your dog. With a range of 1000M, you can easily control your dog's barking and behavior. Take control of your pup's training with this versatile collar.

• Universal Dog Bark Collar :The collar is designed to fit all types of dogs, making it a versatile and convenient option for dog owners.

• Waterproof :The collar is waterproof, allowing it to be used in all weather conditions and ensuring that it remains functional even when wet.

• Rechargeable :The collar is rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements and saving dog owners money in the long run.

• Shock Collar :The collar uses shock therapy to train dogs, making it an effective tool for dog owners who want to teach their pets obedience and discipline.

Product Description
PD 529-1-TIO
Beep + Vibration + Static Shock (Remote training & Anti barking)
1000 meters remote, 100 levels adjustable,Remote training & Anti barking in One device
Power saving
Yes, super power saving, when charging 2 hours, could work 60 days
Adjustable reflective black nylon collar
Battery Composition
Lithium Polymer
Product Certification
Dog Training Collar ,Universal Dog Bark | Yazijico™
  • The Features ofPD 529-1-TIO

1. Function:Beep, Vibration, Static Shock.
2. There is a keylock / power button on the remote,It can effectively prevent false trigger and is safe for children.
3. Scope of application:For small,medium or large dogs.
4. Rechargeable and IPX7 waterproof,1000 meters/3200 ft remote.
5. Vibration and static shockare 100 levels adjustable.
6. Super power saving, when charging 2 hours, could work 60 days.
7. Thedevicehas power-saving design and automatically self-protective mode.
8.Adjustable reflective black nylon collar
The Component Of Product:
1. 1 × Remote Transmitter
2. 1 × 2 in 1 Function Receiver
3. 1 × USB Charging Cable
4. 1× lanyard
5. 1 × Black Nylon Collar
6. 1 × User Manual
7. 4 × Metal Contact Points
8. 4 × Silicone Contact Points
9. 2× anti-shock pads
10. 1 × Test Lamp
Remark: The silicone contact point can conduct electricity and protect your dog's skin. Anti-shock pads could prevent skin abrasion and insulated from electricity.
Dog Training Collar ,Universal Dog Bark | Yazijico™
Dog Training Collar ,Universal Dog Bark | Yazijico™
The Effective Distance Of PD 529-1-TIO
1. The effective distance could be as far as 1000 meters between Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar without obstaclesin.
2. However in reality, a list of factors, including signal station, magnetic field,obstacle, battery volume, other wireless devices nearby, landform,vegetative cover, etc,shall influence transmission of signals from Remote Transmitter and the actual effective distance of Remote Transmitter.
3. In most environments, a remote control distance of 200 meters is enough. This product solves the distance you need in whatever environment.
About IP67 Waterproof Level
1. The receiver of PD 529-1-TIO has IP67 waterproof design. It can use in the bathing, rain or snow.
2. The charging rubber cap must be closely covered when your dog swimming or the receiver will get broken when getting into water
from the interface.
3. Taking off the receiver is recommended.
4. For better waterproof effert, please cover th silicone plug tightly after charging.
Remark: The remote transmitter is not the waterproof design.Please do not use in the bathig, rain or snow.

Dog Training Collar ,Universal Dog Bark | Yazijico™

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