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Flexible Door bottom sealing strip burlete puerta | Yazijico™

Flexible Door bottom sealing strip burlete puerta | Yazijico™

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Flexible Door bottom sealing strip burlete puerta

Reduce noise and drafts with our 96CM Flexible Door bottom sealing strip. Made of high-quality burlete puerta casa Weather Stripp and mousse acoustique Soundproof espuma acoustic foam, it provides 100% insulation coverage for your doors. Keep your home comfortable and quiet with our expertly designed sealing strip.

100% Brand new & High quality
Made of high quality material, durable and easy to clean.
Reduce the outside noise and slam the sliding door, giving you a calm and
comfortable living environment.
The role of door bottom gap sealing, sound insulation,  dust, insects, Door draft
stopper helps to eliminate drafts, slow heat loss and save on your energy bill etc
Flexible and bendable, bending can be restored to its original shape naturally
Cuttable and easy to install: you can cut the length as needed.
Material: pu leather+ pearl cotton
Size: 96CM

Due to transportation restrictions, the product needs to be folded when it is sent, and there will be some creases after receiving the goods. It will be restored after a few days, because it is foam inside, 












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