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Drainage Machine Pressotherapy Air Compression | Yazijico™

Drainage Machine Pressotherapy Air Compression | Yazijico™

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Lymphatic Drainage Machine Pressotherapy Air Compression Foot Muscle Massager

Experience optimal circulation and lymphatic drainage with the Yazijico™ Drainage Machine Pressotherapy Air Compression. This expertly designed system uses advanced technology to improve tissue oxygenation, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall wellness. Enjoy the benefits of improved blood flow and toxin elimination for a healthier and rejuvenated body.

Specification:Voltage: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Watt: 80W
Air pump: Output: 25L/min , Pressure: 0.025Mpa
Wire Length: 1.8m
Material: Iron & PVC, Nylon
1.Client has to take off all jewelry before treatment.
2.Client with metal inside his/her body and pregnant women are not recommended to use this machine.
3.Turn off and unplug machine after one day’s usage. Just use dry clothe to wipe the machine.

Mode introduction:1. 3 different levels for air pressure power for your choice
2. 4 different modes for the treatment
From left to right :
First three mode is automatic mode ,and forth mode is manual mode:
(1). Air flow :foot → legs → waist--arms . Inflate and release the first airbag, and then the next one.
(2). Air flow :foot → legs → waist → arms . Inflate and release the first airbag, and then the next one .After 3 times,inflate all the airbags together .
(3). Air flow :foot → legs → waist → arms . The first airbag does not release air pressure when inflate the next one,so all the airbag keep inflated once finished
(4). You can choose any airbag as you want in the body of the lady

How to use it?1.Put on the clothes and connect the air bags in good condition.
2.Turn on the power ,the indicator will be on .
3.Choose the intensity ,time and Mode for each treatment .
Here is the recommended setting:
Fat :select 1 program, standard time is 60minutes and choose the “L” for the intensity.
Medium fat body:select 1 or 2 program, standard term is 30-45 minutes and choose the “L or M” for the intensity.
A little fat body :Medium fat body:select 2 program, standard term is 30-45 minutes and choose the “M or S” for the intensity.
Keep weight:select manual program and choose 5 airbags which the customer want to keep shape, and standard term is 20~30minutes
lymphatic:select 3 program, standard term is 20~35minutes.
4.Press "Start/Pause" to start the treatment

Principle:Air lymphatic detoxing therapy is a treatment widely used in body fluid, beauty, and physical treatment. By air pressure therapy, The machine can improve lymphatic and blood circulation then drain out unwanted substances in body, thus effectively improving fatness of edema cellulite, tightening slack muscle and restoring flexibility of muscle fiber

This machine takes body slimming, relaxation, and detoxification functions in one. It has clothes, every cloth with air bags,
strainers. Air bags are symmetrical. There is each around the waist and belly. Also symmetrical from top to bottom on the legs. Can freely apply to every part which is needed obesity remova

Function:1. Detoxify;
2. Body shapes; Tone body muscles;
3. Body slimming;
4. Physical treatment for lymphatic;
5. Relaxation;
6. Cellulite reducing.
7. Lose weight for legs, relax the whole body
8. Air pressure detoxing, beautifying body and skin
9. Lymph drainage, body slimming



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