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Automatic Electric Dumpling Maker | Yazijico™

Automatic Electric Dumpling Maker | Yazijico™

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Automatic Electric Dumpling Maker

Efficiently create perfect dumplings with the Yazijico™ Automatic Electric Dumpling Maker Machine. With a powerful double head, this machine rapidly forms dumplings for delicious results. Its electric design allows for effortless use, making it a convenient addition to any household kitchen. Say goodbye to manual dumpling-making with this must-have kitchen accessory.

Material: ABS, PC
Power supply: lithium battery 18650
Size: Groove diameter 8.5cm, suitable for 8.5cm direct dumpling skin


1. Food grade material: The household automatic dumpling machine mold set is made of high-quality food grade ABS and 304 stainless steel, odorless, BPA free, and durable.

2. Durable and easy to clean: Made of high-quality material, it will not rust. After each use, simply rinse with water to clean.

3. Save time: It allows you to easily make many dumplings in a short amount of time. It can greatly reduce your workload. These small tools won't take up too much of your storage space.


Manual: Work once per click (making a dumpling);
Stop: When rotating or timing, press once to stop the operation.
Countdown: Automatically rotate the dumplings when the countdown reaches 0.
Automatic: Automatic cycle operation, working every 6 seconds/9 seconds - times;
Shift: 9-second shift (press to display for 9 seconds, meaning it works every 9 seconds)
6 second gear (when pressing the display to flash for 9 seconds, then pressing the display to flash for 6 seconds, i.e. working every 6 seconds)

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