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Origial Lenovo Bluetooth Earphones | Yazijico™

Origial Lenovo Bluetooth Earphones | Yazijico™

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Origial Lenovo Bluetooth Earphones

Experience high-quality sound and ultimate comfort with Yazijico™ Origial Lenovo HE05X Bluetooth Earphones. These waterproof earplugs provide superior HIFI sound and a magnetic neckband for secure fit during sports. Stay connected wirelessly with ease and enjoy the benefits of a magnetic design for easy storage.

[Lenovo Explosion-HE05X Sports Bluetooth Headset]

1.Suitable for the crowd: Neck-type Bluetooth headset, suitable for all people

Suitable for scenes: sports and music

2. Skin-friendly liquid silicone collar, can be bent arbitrarily without deformation

3. IPX5 waterproof, not afraid of sweat and rain

4. The headphone head has a magnetic function, which can be hung on the neck when not in use to prevent loss

5. One of the highest-selling and most popular hanging neck headphones on China's e-commerce platform


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