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Electric Curling Iron with Automatic Lambswool | Yazijico™

Electric Curling Iron with Automatic Lambswool | Yazijico™

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Electric Curling Iron with Automatic Lambswool 

Introducing the Electric Curling Iron with Automatic Lambswool by Yazijico™. Create stunning curls effortlessly with the touch of a button. The automatic lambswool feature ensures a smooth and damage-free styling experience. Say goodbye to manual wrapping and hello to gorgeous curls with Yazijico™.



32MM Electric Curling Iron Automatic Lambswool Curling Tool Long Lasting Styling French Styling Rotating Anti-Flame Design

• Long-lasting styling :The 32MM Electric Curling Iron provides long-lasting styling, ensuring that your curls stay in place all day.

• French styling :With its rotating anti-flame design, the 32MM Electric Curling Iron creates a French styling effect that is perfect for adding volume and texture to your hair.

• Automatic Lambswool Curling Tool :The 32MM Electric Curling Iron is an automatic lambswool curling tool that makes it easy to create beautiful curls without the need for manual effort.

• Thermostatic Temperature Controller :The 32MM Electric Curling Iron features a thermostatic temperature controller that ensures that the iron heats up to the perfect temperature for styling your hair.

Features: Perfect hair

style: Say goodbye to bad hair period with ourV-shaped French egg curl hairstyle water wave curler. 32mmFrench U-shaped curls with 30 seconds quick heating help youquickly create natural, long-lasting waves.

PROTECT YOUR HAIR: Our curlers are made with negative ion technology and feature anti-static ceramic coated barrels toreduce damage and frizz to vour hair.Enioy shiny and healthywaves that will turn heads.

How to use: When using the curling iron, you can first divide your hair into upper and lower parts. The upper part of the hair is clamped with a clip, and the curling iron starts to curl from the lower part of the hair. Take a small amount of hair at a time, and let the curling iron wait for 15 seconds. All the hair is curled according to this method, and then you can spray some styling sprays to keep the hair fluffy.

Specifications: Power

supply: Wired (AC)

Rated power: 35

Color: purple/pink

Package includes: 1*curling iron


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