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Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer Portable | Yazijico™

Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer Portable | Yazijico™

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Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer Portable 

Efficiently heat up your meals on-the-go with our 1.5L 60W Electric Lunch Box. Ideal for truckers and anyone in need of a warm lunch while away from home. The leak-proof design ensures mess-free transportation while the 60W heating element quickly and evenly warms up your food. Stay fueled and focused with our portable Food Heater.

  • Leak-proof design:The electric lunch box has a leak-proof design that ensures your food stays fresh and doesn't spill out.

  • Portable and convenient: No Need to looking for a microwave and wait in line for heating, heat up your food with the electric heating lunch box at home/office or in car/truck using the 110V/220V+12V+24V power cables.

  • 60 W powerful heating: With a powerful 60 W heating element, this electric lunch box can quickly heat up your food, saving you time and effort.

  • Microwave safe:This electric lunch box is microwave safe, allowing you to heat up your food using a microwave without damaging the box.

  • 2 n 1 car & home able guide: Electric heating lunch box contains two different plugs: one for Home/Office(110V/220V), one for Car/Truck(12V/24V).

  • Material & heating notes:The electric lunch box is made of food grade PP plastic and stainless steel, which is high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, durable, eco-friendly and safe to use.

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