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Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper | Yazijico™

Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper | Yazijico™

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Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper

Experience effortless seasoning with the Yazijico™ Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder. Its battery-operated design and one-handed operation make it convenient to use, while its adjustable coarseness allows for personalized flavor. Made of durable stainless steel, it's built to last. Enjoy perfectly ground salt and pepper every time.

【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】Stainless steel and acrylic material, top quality ceramic rotor provides long-term durability to grind the toughest pepper, sea salt or other spices. Note: The grinder is originally designed to tighten to the smallest gap, please adjust the gap according to the powder size needs after receiving the goods.
【Automatic Operation】Simply invert to get freshly ground salt or pepper. Allows you to activate your favorite spices with one hand while the other hand is free for other kitchen tasks.
【Adjustable Coarseness】Turn the grinder knob on the top of the device to adjust your preferred coarseness. Rotate clockwise for finer particles and counterclockwise for coarser particles.
【Blue LED Light】Just a slight twist of the wrist, the blue light will light up. You will easily see the amount of salt and pepper you put in your food. The clear container on the grinder holds up to 2.7 ounces of pepper, about 7 tablespoons.


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