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Espresso coffee pot Food grade cafe moka | Yazijico™

Espresso coffee pot Food grade cafe moka | Yazijico™

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 Espresso coffee pot Food grade cafe moka  

Expertly brew rich and flavorful espresso with our Espresso coffee pot Food grade cafe moka | Yazijico™. Made with food grade materials, this coffee pot ensures the highest quality and safety for a delicious cup every time. Upgrade your coffee experience with Yazijico™.

Espresso coffee pot Food grade cafe moka pot  electric Italian concentrated coffee pot Home Coffee maker with CE certification

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Product parameters

Name: Electric coffee maker

Product number

Voltage: 220v

Power: 480w

Capacity: about 300ml

Material: aluminum+acrylic

Weight: about 1.4kg

Size: 180*230mm


[Functions and Features]

1, with insulation, can keep warm for 30 minutes.

2, the base has overheat protection and anti-dry function, more safe and reliable.

3, automatic power switch, and there are indicators.

4, cordless 360 degree rotating base, and can be separated from the base.

5, 480W power design meets the most ideal cycle for brewing coffee.

6, European round hole plug, suitable for use in various regions.

7. It takes only 3 minutes to brew coffee.

8, the filter inside the pot is easy to clean.



1. According to the number of users, pour water into the pot. Note that the water level cannot exceed the safety valve.

2. Put the right amount of coffee powder into the powder bowl and gently press it.

3. Place a #6 filter paper on the upper filter base.

4. Screw the upper pot onto the upper pot and place it on the power base. ,

5, plug in the power, press the switch, you can enjoy delicious coffee after 3 minutes


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