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Nano Steam Smart Eyes Massager | Yazijico™

Nano Steam Smart Eyes Massager | Yazijico™

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Nano Steam Smart Eyes Massager 

The Yazijico™ Nano Steam Smart Eyes Massager is an innovative solution for relieving eye fatigue and reducing dark circles under the eyes. With the power of nano steam, this massager provides gentle and effective heat therapy, while the built-in Bluetooth music feature adds a relaxing element to your self-care routine. Experience the benefits of this advanced eye care device today.

1,Smart Steam Vibration Eye Mask
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Rated Input: DC/5V
Maximum Power: 5W
Massage Time: Massage 15 minutes a day
Mode: Heating,2 Modes
Product Size: 172*76*72mm
(1).Constant temperature hot compress: built-in NTC temperature sensor, real-time temperature control every second, safer, quickly release the pressure around the eyes, relieve eye soreness. 2-level temperature adjustment, 42 ℃ constant temperature hot compress, 10 seconds rapid heating
(2).10-minute timing: Automatically shut off when the usage time reaches 10 minutes, intelligent timing, for naps and naps, the eye SPA is just right
(3).360° fit for the eyes: 3D arc groove design in line with ergonomics, more fit and more comfortable, 360° full wrapping shading.
(4).Power switch/spray mode switch button: Press and hold for 1.5 seconds, the device will turn on when you hear a "beep" sound, and enter the spray mode (spray for 1 second and then stop for 2 seconds). Short press to switch to spray mode 2 (continuous spray). Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to shut down the device
(5).Hot compress switch/gear button: short press once to hear a "di" sound, turn on the 1st gear of the hot compress (40°C); press it again to enter the 2nd gear of the hot compress (42°C); continue to short press to hear the "didi" twice Prompt to turn off the heat and cycle through.

2,Nano Steam Eye Moisturizing Massager
Target group: high-end gifts, students, office workers, dry eyes
Material: ABS new environmentally friendly resin material + children's pacifier grade silicone massage head + high elastic flannel bag
Main functions: point-to-point acupoint massage, nano-steam eye moisturizing
Features: point-to-point acupoint massage, fog volume adjustment, automatic timing, mute music, portable and rechargeable
Use mode: eye exercise mode, vitality mode, soothing mode, sleep mode
How to use: long press to turn on, short press (power button) to enter cycle conversion mode. Long press the atomization function key to turn off or on the atomization function.
Product advantages: point-to-point massage + steam eye moisturizing
Rated voltage: 5V Rated power 5W
Product size: 205*35*85
Packing size: 246*125*226mm
Battery capacity: 850mAh
Charging time: 2h Use time: 60min


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