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Compression Face Wash Sponge | Yazijico™

Compression Face Wash Sponge | Yazijico™

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Compression Face Wash Sponge

The Yazijico™ Compression Face Wash Sponge provides efficient and gentle cleansing with its 12 PVA compression sponges. Save money and reduce waste with its reusable cotton pads and makeup wipes. Keep your skin clean and healthy with this innovative cleaning sponge.

Compressed sponge face wash
Name: Compression strip face wash
Material: seaweed cotton
Product size: 8*0.8CM
Product design: The compression strip takes up less space, is easy to carry, and becomes larger when soaked in water
Recommendations for use: After use, the sponge strip becomes larger and cannot be changed back to its original shape

1. Thoroughly soak the sponge with water before use, the sponge stick will expand rapidly and become soft. 2. Squeeze out an appropriate amount of facial cleanser and sponge, add water to rub and lather.
3. Then rinse with water and you can use it.
After washing your face, it will become hard, so that bacteria cannot breed, it is hygienic and durable, and it can be restored to softness when it encounters water again. After the first use, the sponge stick will become round and will not return to a stick shape.

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