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Fan Long Battery Lif New Mini Neck Portable | Yazijico™

Fan Long Battery Lif New Mini Neck Portable | Yazijico™

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Fan Long Battery Lif New Mini Neck Portable

Introducing the Yazijico™ 1PC Fan, the perfect addition to your summer sports gear. With no blades and a long lasting battery, this mini neck fan provides a portable and rechargeable air cooling experience. Enjoy the 3 speeds and beat the heat while on-the-go.


• Bladeless design for safe use: The bladeless design of this fan ensures safe use and is ideal for families with children or pets.

• Rechargeable battery, easy to use: Rechargeable battery, a charge can be used for up to 2 hours, convenient for outdoor activities.

• 360-degree neckline for maximum cooling: This fan's 360-degree neckline design ensures maximum cooling, providing heat relief even when the fan is not directly in front of you.

• Flexible USB charging: This fan can be charged via USB and easily charged using a portable power supply or laptop.

Product name: three speed adjustable blade neck hanging fan

[Fan blade] : bladeless design

[Motor features] : brushless motor (quieter, more energy efficient)

[Product material] :ABS environmental protection raw materials

[Product size] : length about 197 * 198 * 60MM

[Wind speed] : The third gear is adjustable, the first gear is moderate wind, the second gear is natural wind, and the third gear is strong wind

[Product weight] : about 200g(including battery weight)

[Product packaging] : neutral color box

Power output :4.5W

[Input current] :DC 0.5A/1A

Output voltage :):DC5V-9V

Input voltage :):DC5V

[Power supply] : battery storage (a lithium battery), USB power supply (can be inserted into the computer USB interface), mobile power supply


Smart Camera , Laptops , Smart Headphone , Printers  Drones  , Smart Watch Projectors

Fan Long Battery Lif New Mini Neck Portable | Yazijico™
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