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Fireplace Flame Diffuser for Essential Oil | Yazijico™

Fireplace Flame Diffuser for Essential Oil | Yazijico™

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Fireplace Flame Diffuser for Essential Oil 

Transform your bedroom into a calming oasis with Yazijico™ Fireplace Flame Diffuser. With 7 color options, this 320ml essential oil diffuser not only humidifies the air but also releases a cool mist of soothing aromas. Ultra-quiet and easy to use, it's the perfect addition to any home.

Lighting: Red Flame and Blue Flame with Colorful Changing Flame


This aromatherapy oil diffuser presents a realistic flame visual effect with its LED light and nano mist. It allows you to enjoy fireside coziness without raising the temperature. Adding a few drops of essential oil generates scented mist into the air to enhance the air quality.


innovative noise reduction technolog。 your cool mist diffuser operates with sounds below 30dB, making it a decent choice for your bedroom, office, and study hall. This ultrasonic aroma humidifier can quickly blend essential oil and water molecules, then break them down into the nano-fine scented mist, generating approximately 30ml of mist per hour into the air.


Made of excellent PP material, the water tank of our aroma diffuser is highly durable and perfectly safe. Its compact size fits nicely in every corner, especially for your bedside table or dresser. This portable diffuser comes with an adapter, making it ready wherever you need it


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