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Food Silicone Cover Housewares Kitchen | Yazijico™

Food Silicone Cover Housewares Kitchen | Yazijico™

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Food Silicone Cover Housewares Kitchen

Efficiently store and keep your food fresh with Yazijico™ Food Silicone Cover. This set of elastic packaging lids are designed for cans and sealable bowls, providing an airtight seal for better preservation. Made with durable silicone, these covers are a must-have for any organized and clutter-free kitchen.

1.Health and hygiene: food grade silica gel material, health and harmless, healthy and low carbon, can be recycled.
2.Humanized design: There are convex corners around the fresh-keeping cover, which is convenient to take and use.
3.Good sealability: good sealability, no leakage of water upside down, no cross-flavor between foods.
4.Cold or hot: can stand the refrigerator, can stand the oven.
5.Anti-skid inner ring design: inner ring anti-wear design, good adsorption performance, good fresh-keeping effect.
6.Hand-held Design: Humanized Hand-held Design is more convenient to use.

1.Leak-proof design and good adsorption prevents air or liquid leakage. Even when the sealed container is upside down the food covers won't easily fall out.
2.Reusable Food Storage Lids are super flexible, no deformation, stable and durable, anti-skid with good elasticity.

Material: Silica gel
Size: 68*17*116mm

Package included:
6pcs/setx Fresh Cover


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