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Foldable Footbath Massage Bucket Soaking Bucket | Yazijico™

Foldable Footbath Massage Bucket Soaking Bucket | Yazijico™

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Foldable Footbath Massage Bucket Soaking Bucket 

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Foldable Footbath Massage Bucket. The Yazijico™ Folding Basin allows for easy storage and the spa foot bath design provides a luxurious soak. Perfect for your household spa day, sauna, pedicure, or bathtime. Enjoy the benefits of a foot massage and rejuvenate your feet with this versatile bucket.


1. This footbath bucket is made of PP+TPR material, wear-resistant, not easy to break, reusable, durable.

2. High acupoint massage stimulates the sensitive reaction areas of the soles of the feet, allowing you to massage the soles of your feet while soaking your feet.

3. Foot bath bucket can be folded, easy to take and use, space-saving.


Material: PP+TPR

Size: 40 * 32 * 17cm,

Color: White, Pink, green


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