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Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush Kitchen Utensil | Yazijico™

Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush Kitchen Utensil | Yazijico™

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Glass Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush Kitchen Utensil 

Introducing the Glass Oil Bottle with Silicone Brush, the perfect 2-in-1 kitchen utensil for cooking, baking, and barbecuing. The heat-resistant design and convenient silicone brush make it an essential tool for any kitchen. No need to worry about spills or messes with this versatile and efficient product.

1. This oil bottle is made of glass, which is durable. Thick and sturdy, it won't leak and spill, ensuring the freshness of stored liquids.
2. The wide mouth design allows you to easily infuse olive oil and provides convenient use without worrying about regular refills.
3. Easy to clean: each part of this oil dispenser can be disassembled and cleaned separately, and no residue is allowed. (Small Surprise: Each oil dispenser bottle comes with a new brush head.)
4. Applicable scenario: the silicone brushes not only apply oil, but also easily absorb ketchup, soy sauce, liquid chocolate, candy, butter, honey, barbecue sauce, etc. to meet a variety of cooking requirements.
 5. Multi-purpose: the perfect kitchen appliance for household and kitchen to add liquid spices such as olive oil, oil, vinegar, soy sauce for outdoor grilling, steak, salad, cooking.

Size: 23x8cm
Material: silicone+glass

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