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Wavy Hair Curlers Curling Iron Wave | Yazijico™

Wavy Hair Curlers Curling Iron Wave | Yazijico™

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Wavy Hair Curlers Curling Iron Wave 

Effortlessly achieve beautifully wavy hair with Yazijico's 36mm Curling Iron. Its unique egg roll head wand provides lasting volume and stylish waves. Say goodbye to flat hair and hello to voluminous, textured locks. Perfect for all hair types. Transform your hair game with Yazijico.


Product description:
36mm Radian: Egg roll curling wand has 36mm radian to easily create egg roll pattern hairstyle, which is able to make you more attractive and charming.
Applicable People: Professional egg curling iron is very suitable for beginners, and is able to easily clip out beautiful hairstyles,which is practical for you.
3 Gears Temperature Regulation: Egg roll curling iron has 3 gears temperature regulation, so you can adjust it according to your own situation, which is very convenient.
Apply To: Egg roll hair curler is suitable for different hair types, both soft and damaged hair types and coarse and hard hair types, which can be adjusted at will by gradually increasing the temperature.
Long Lasting Shaping: Egg hair waving iron tool has tens of millions of negative ions, intelligent constant temperature, and 30 second rapid heating.

1. Plug in the power supply
2. Press the light button, the LED light flashes, the heating part starts to heat up.

Product weight: about 700g
Material: Tourmaline Ceramics
Size: 32*10*5cm
Rated power:67w


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