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Upgraded new crystal Hair Remover | Yazijico™

Upgraded new crystal Hair Remover | Yazijico™

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Upgraded new crystal Hair Remover  

The Upgraded crystal hair remover from Yazijico™ utilizes nano glass sand to provide safe and painless hair removal. This upgraded model boasts improved effectiveness and precision for a smooth and gentle hair removal experience. Say goodbye to traditional methods and hello to the future of hair removal.

Our products are all natural materials with no chemicals and can be used completely without added lotion shaving foam. With the latest nano glass technology, dead skin cells and your hair aregently removed layer by layer。

But Only a small part of invisible hair close to the skin surface cannot be eliminated at one time. It can be completely eliminated after multiple uses.

Nano hair remover remains reusable for up to 5 years.


STEP 1 : Treated by warm water

STEP 2 : Remove the hairs

STEP 3 : Use lotiona after removal

If you think it doesn't work, you can contact us and we will tell you how to use it .


*slide it over your skin in a circular motion,This rarely takes longer than 5 minutes .

*Don't use it too hard on skin .

*Recommended use:once every 2-3 weeks .

*Try it on your arms /legs before delicate parts if you have sensitive skin.

*We do not recommend using the Crystal Hair Remover on sensitive skin such as the face and underarms since it may cause irritants.



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