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Hand-cranked Multifunctional Apple Peeler | Yazijico™

Hand-cranked Multifunctional Apple Peeler | Yazijico™

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Hand-cranked Multifunctional Apple Peeler

Streamline your apple peeling process with the Yazijico™ Hand-cranked Multifunctional Apple Peeler. This machine is perfect for any home cook looking to save time and effort in the kitchen. With its built-in corer and slicer, and easy-to-use hand crank, you can quickly peel and prepare apples for any recipe. Upgrade your kitchen tools with this convenient gadget!


The whole machine can be washed directly
The whole machine is not afraid of moisture, and the residual peel residue oil can be washed away with one flush

Non-slip suction cup base absorbs the desktop without sliding
The four-legged suction cup design at the bottom firmly adheres to the desktop to prevent the machine from sliding when peeling

One-click refund is convenient and effortless
It can be easily removed by lightly pressing the fruit return button, and the fruit can be picked up quickly without pulling the hand guard

Product information:

Material: Plastic+Metal
Plastic: ABS
Colors: Light Green - Peeling Knife, Dark Green - Peeling Knife, Light Green - Splitter, Dark Green - Splitter, Light Green - Peeling Knife+Splitter, Dark Green - Peeling Knife+Splitter
Style: Modern and minimalist

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