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Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper Fitness | Yazijico™

Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper Fitness | Yazijico™

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Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper Fitness

Improve hand and wrist strength with Yazijico™ 5-60Kg Adjustable Hand Gripper. With an adjustable resistance range of 5-60Kg, it offers versatile training for patients and fitness enthusiasts. Strengthen fingers, improve grip, and enhance overall hand functionality with this durable and easy-to-use hand exerciser.

【Injury Rehabilitation & Stress Relief】 Hand exercise goes without saying that you can strengthen your hands.forearm grip workout kit not only Beneficial to the recovery of arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis , and tendon surgery,great for Injury rehabilitation,but also relieve hand

【Suitable for All Age Group】The hand grip strengthener is adjustable between 11-132lbs (5kg-60kg),suitable to adults, elderly ,adolescents, men and women, hand grip exerciser strengthener could exercise finger flexibility, palm grip, increase arm muscles and strength. It is ideal for musicians, fitness people and sports people to train.

【Ergonomic & Portable Design】With ergonomic design, the handle design perfectly matches the shape of the fingers. The handle is made of high-quality silicone material,Withstand all your grip training,unlike others hand strengtheners, which will break or even be made of low-quality materials.making training more comfortable and safe. Portable design with carry bag, you could do exercise anytime and anywhere.

【Hand Strengthener Workout Kit 5 Pack】forearm grip workout includes adjustable hand grip strengthener, finger exerciser, finger stretcher resistance band, grip enhancer grip ring and hand therapy ball,A variety of products, a wide range of uses.

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5-60Kg Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper Fitness | Yazijico™5-60Kg Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper Fitness | Yazijico™5-60Kg Adjustable Heavy Hand Gripper Fitness | Yazijico™

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