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Hanging rack under kitchen cabinet | Yazijico™

Hanging rack under kitchen cabinet | Yazijico™

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Hanging rack under kitchen cabinet 

Introducing Yazijico™ household iron art hanging rack. Organize your kitchen with this versatile rack that can hold cutting boards, pots, and pan covers for easy access and space-saving. Made with durable iron, it's a must-have for any kitchen.


With this designs,save a lot of space for you.

Elegant and simple design style and usability for modern needs.

Suitable for under kitchen cabinets

After hanging, it can be used for cutting boards, pot covers, hanging rags, mugs, food spoons, etc

Suspension does not require installation. Beautiful and durable, making life more stylish.


Material: Iron

Color: Black

Size: 26.5 * 25 * 3cm


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