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House Children Indoor Outdoor Toy Play | Yazijico™

House Children Indoor Outdoor Toy Play | Yazijico™

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House Children Indoor Outdoor Toy House Portable Baby Play House Children 

This children's indoor and outdoor toy from Yazijico™ is perfect for imaginative play and encourages physical activity. Made with durable materials, this toy provides endless hours of fun for kids while also promoting creativity and exercise. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers a versatile play experience for children.

Recommend Age: 3-6y

Recommend Age: 6-12y


1. Safe Material:  Playing Tent is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials that are safe for children to play with. It has no sharp parts or corners, making it a safe choice for kids to enjoy their playtime.
2. A Must-have Puzzle Toy for Families:  Foldable Play House doesn't take up space but also gives babies space for independent creativity. With this fairy tale like tent castle, your child can create a kingdom in any corner of the house/outdoors.
3. Multi-functional Use:  Foldable Play House can not only be used indoors but also outdoors, such as in the garden or on the lawn, allowing kids to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. At the same time, it can be folded for storage and transportation.
4. Creative Design:  Game Playing House features a lovely magician princess castle design with exquisite details, suitable for both boys and girls. Kids can use their imagination and creativity while playing in the playhouse, making their childhood full of fun and creativity.
5. Promotes Parent-Child Interaction:  Teepee Toy not only allows kids to play freely but also increases parent-child interaction. Parents can play together with their kids, enhancing their emotional connection, and teaching them social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and communication.

 House Children Indoor Outdoor Toy Play | Yazijico™  
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