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Ice Cube Maker Ice Fles Water | Yazijico™

Ice Cube Maker Ice Fles Water | Yazijico™

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Ice Cube Maker Ice Fles Water 

Efficiently create ice on-the-go with the versatile Yazijico™ 2-in-1 Ice Cube Maker and Water Bottle. Its compact design and silicone construction make it perfect for outdoor sports or curling up at home. Say goodbye to traditional ice trays and hello to a convenient kitchen gadget that makes your life easier.

1. High efficiency: This ice ball mold makes it more convenient to make many ice balls at the same time.

2. Leakproof: This ice ball making mold is leak-proof and safe to use and convenient to wash.

3. Easy wash: This ice ball machine is convenient and easy to use to fill. The cap and the body of the bottle are attached.

4. Expandable: This ice ball mold can be expanded to easily release ice balls.

5. Portability: This product is small in size and light in weight, which is very convenient to carry around.

6. Safety: BPA Free and Non-Toxic, This durable and Non-stick silicone ice tray won't crack or break like plastic ice tray; Easy to fill and clean.


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