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Intelligent Cooling Cup Desktop Cold Drink Machine | Yazijico™

Intelligent Cooling Cup Desktop Cold Drink Machine | Yazijico™

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Intelligent Cooling Cup Desktop Cold Drink Machine

Increase your productivity and beat the heat with our Intelligent Cooling Cup Desktop Cold Drink Machine! Enjoy quick cooling drinks all summer long with this mini fridge. Perfect for small homes and office desks. Stay cool and refreshed with our new dropship product.

Instant cooling cup uses semiconductor cooling chips, which can quickly cool the beverage and has a continuous heat preservation function.
Small size and lightweight design, put it on the desktop of your home, office, school, recreational vehicle, restaurant, club, and bar so that you can enjoy cold drinks in the hot summer.
Made of plastic + stainless steel, built-in cooling plate and silent fan, quiet and no noise, easy to operate. Just press the ''on'' button and you will quickly get a cooling drink.
The desktop cooling cup can be used for juice, wine, coffee, beverages and other canned or cup beverages.
This cooling cup with sinking design can prevent cold air from overflowing, simple and stylish.

Type: Smart Cooling Cup
Material: Stainless steel + Plastic
Applications: Home Office Car Summer
Features: Smart Cooling Cup, Desktop Cold Drink Machine, Mug Holder Tumbler, Cooling Beverage Drinks Can, Small Home Appliances
Plug specification: EU, US (optional)
Dimension: app.12x16cm/4.72x6.29in
Color: Green, Pink (optional)
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