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Inverted Water Dispenser Cola Drink | Yazijico™

Inverted Water Dispenser Cola Drink | Yazijico™

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Inverted Water Dispenser Cola Drink

The Yazijico™ Inverted Water Dispenser provides a convenient way to dispense your favorite drinks. With its hand pressure switch pump and inverted design, it eliminates the need for heavy lifting and messy spills. Perfect for home use and an essential tool for any kitchen.

1) Automatic Dispenser, Inversion Drink Dispense Gadget, Universal Fits

2) Creative soda drink dispense gadget.

3) Fits easily on a wide variety of beverage bottles.

4) No pouring from heavy, unwieldy bottles.

5) Easy for kids to use without making a mess.

6) Not suitable for alcohol, pulpous juice.


1) Material: ABS, TPR

2) Color: Red

3) Occasions: Home, Kitchen, Office, School, Picnic, etc.

4) Height: 15cm/5.91"

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