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Storage Rack Non-perforated shelves Wall Mounted | Yazijico™

Storage Rack Non-perforated shelves Wall Mounted | Yazijico™

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Storage Rack Non-perforated shelves Wall Mounted 

Efficiently organize your kitchen with Yazijico™ Kitchen Storage Rack. Featuring non-perforated shelves, this wall-mounted rack includes movable hooks and a spoon holder, providing a convenient way to store and access all your kitchen utensils and accessories. Keep your workspace clutter-free and increase efficiency with this must-have kitchen organizer.

Product Introduction

1. It can be installed without nails and glue
2. Better use of materials, thicker materials
3. Easy to use, movable hook to meet user needs
4. Strong traceless stickers that do not damage the wall surface
5. Ultra thin design for more compact storage
6. Super load-bearing, not worried about falling
7. Free disassembly and convenient cleaning

Product parameters

  1. Length: 50cm
    2. Material: Space aluminum
    3. Installation method: sticker installation, no punching required
    4. Number of hooks: 10 hooks
    5. Packaging: 1 shelf, 2 stickers
    6. Applicable locations: kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom

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