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Stainless Steel Glass rotating seasoning set | Yazijico™

Stainless Steel Glass rotating seasoning set | Yazijico™

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New kitchen supplies stainless steel glass rotating seasoning jar set seasoning jar

Introducing the Stainless Steel Glass rotating seasoning set by Yazijico™. Made with durable stainless steel and glass, this set allows for easy rotating and dispensing of seasoning, ensuring evenly flavored dishes every time. Upgrade your cooking experience with this stylish and functional set.


The design of the magic method is stunning, and the super lazy idea mushroom seems to have no resistance to this rotating storage rack. Let's decisively start the idea mushroom review:
The appearance is really high, and looking at it there is a kind of enjoyment. There are a total of 12 small bottles inside, which can be filled with various seasonings. There are also English stickers on top. When using, simply rotate and extract the seasoning bottles you need. It's really clear at a glance! Friends who come home as guests are very fond of it. It's really a great honor!
Suggestion for Dianzi Mushroom:
Because it is a fixed label sticker set, there are some seasonings that do not match the ones you actually use at home. Therefore, it would be even better if you could customize the label paper according to your needs. Summary: Kitchen enthusiasts are worth getting a sticker free version, and then customize the label according to your own needs.

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