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Liquid-fill Washing Dishes Scrubbers Cleaning | Yazijico™

Liquid-fill Washing Dishes Scrubbers Cleaning | Yazijico™

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Automatic Liquid-fill Scrubber Kitchen Sponge for Washing Dishes Scrubbers Cleaning 

Yazijico™ liquid-fill washing dishes scrubbers efficiently clean and sanitize your dishes. The unique liquid-filled design allows for a deep clean, while the gentle scrubbers protect your dishes from scratches. Experience sparkling clean dishes with ease

Bullet Points:
1,Premium Material: The brush features the high-quality material, which is smooth and strong, featured by the fine bristles, and it does not hurt the table.
2,Fine Design: The brush can automatically dispense liquid during its use, which features the strong descaling.
3,Easy to Use: The soap dispensing palm brush is easy to grasp and more convenient to use.
4,Fine Craft: The brush features the fine bristles, which features the transparent part, and the brush is multifunctional.
5,Wide Application: The brush is suitable for a variety of purposes, which can clean pots, stoves, sinks, etc.
Name: Soap Dispensing Pot Cleaning Brush
Material: PET, steel wire
Size: about 10*9cm/3.94*3.54in


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