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Microwave Oven Rice Cooker Portable Food Container | Yazijico™

Microwave Oven Rice Cooker Portable Food Container | Yazijico™

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Microwave Oven Rice Cooker Portable Food Container

Effortlessly steam your meals with the Yazijico™ Multifunction Steamer Rice Cooker! This portable food container combines the functions of a rice cooker, bento lunch box, and steaming utensils, making it perfect for on-the-go meals. With its convenient design, you can now enjoy healthy and delicious steamed meals anytime, anywhere.

Color: Green, Orange

Style: Modern And Simple

Weight: About 600g

Size: 18*18*14cm


1. 【Portable Microwave Rice Cooker】This Versatile And Efficient Portable Rice Cooker Allows You To Experience Worry-free Cooking On The Go.

2. 【Multifunctional Steamer Bento Box】This Convenient And Space-saving Bento Lunch Box, Easy To Enjoy Delicious, Healthy Meals.

3. 【Convenient Food Container Rice Cooker】This Time-saving And Multi-functional Food Container Doubles As A Rice Cooker, Simplifying Your Cooking Routine.

4. 【Portable Microwave Rice Cooker】This Innovative And Easy-to-use Microwave Rice Cooker Can Easily Cook Various Dishes.

5. 【Multifunctional Steamer Lunch Box】This Smart And Highly Recommended Bento Box Steamer Keeps You Healthy And Satisfied.


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